Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yesterday I found a ladybug in my room. I grabbed my camera and took a few shots! This shot was taken in my bathroom hence the tile in the backround. I have a vase of twigs in the bathroom and thats what the ladybug is taking off from.

Fly, Fly, Away!


  1. Wow ! You're amazing. You truly have an art for taking photos.

  2. Great shot! You're so talented!

    We should chat, i am like your age and totally into photography too but I'm from Australia :) haha.

    But seriously, good shot! Well done.

  3. Yes we should chat! Do you have an email?
    I live in Canada where it is about 40 degrees colder! Oh how I wish I was somewhere warm like say... AUSTRALIA!

  4. I sure do :)

    PS. I looove your new post with that gorgeous picture. I miss the snow :(


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