Sunday, March 21, 2010


Here are a few photos of my lovely friend, Marissa.

Marissa had been rolling in the snow as you can see by her snow-covered jacket!


More of Marissa in the snow! 

The snow is finally almost gone!

Marissa earlier in the year!

I love taking photos of her!

Oh and does anyone know how to make the post area bigger? I like this template but I like making my pictures extra large!


  1. I really like the second one!

    The easiest way to make your blog wider is to go to, layout, and template designer. You will have to change your template, but they have lots of neat backgrounds and stuff. Then go to layouts and adjust widths. I have my blog 990px wide and the right sidebar 250px.

  2. Love these pictures!!!
    Great Job!
    My favorites are the first & last one!!

  3. Make your blog entry with Windows Live Writer, you probably already have it on your computer or you can do a search online and download it for free. Then you can choose the size of your photo and other neat stuff!

  4. your such a good photographer!

  5. Great shots! I especially love the first one!!!

  6. Love the first one. You have some talent!


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