Saturday, August 28, 2010

My trip - Goats

So on our way home we stopped at this goat place. They are so cute! Here are some shots I took.

My sister even got a kiss from one :)

You could but corn in the little tin and the goats would pull it up and eat it. It was very cool.

Which is your favourite?


  1. Cute pictures! My two favorites are the kiss picture and the last picture! :)

  2. I love all those! Every single one! The color is so good in every one of them! Oh and thanks for the comment on my blog! My puppy is half Blue Heeler and half Border Collie! I think they call them Blue Collies! What kind of dog do you have? :)

  3. Amazing pictures, Elyssa! LOVE the 5th and last one.

  4. The last and 3rd from the top are my favs! Goats are adorable that's for sure

  5. Where in BC were you? I've definitely been there alot lol. My cousins live in Vernon and we always drive to that goat/animal place whenever i'm there

  6. I went to Vernon! The goat place is kinda neat. The little goats never get fed though because the bigger ones just push them out of the way! Haha


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