Saturday, September 4, 2010

The H Family

Guess what? I had my first photo shoot of a family today! Meet the Hanes'. They are a beautiful family. They didn't want 'posey' pictures and I loved that! Let me know how I did on my first family shoot! Enjoy!




This is my favourite shot ^















So how did I do? Which are your favourite(s)?


  1. You did AWESOME!!! I love them; great job! Either four or five is my favorite:). The baby's eyes so blue! Adorable.:D


  2. you did a great job :D these photos are so beautiful and i love the colors!

  3. They are all really really good! Love them! Great Job! My favourite is rhe once of them walking!

  4. You did so awesome!! GREAT job! :)

  5. Wow!! I'd say you did a fantastic first photo shoot!! Looks like you've been doing them for years. Each shot is so unique and I love the colors! Numbers 5 and 12 are my personal favorites... but honestly, I really LOVE all of them!!!
    Again, amazing job Elyssa!!!

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  7. You rocked it, girl! I adore 12 and 15. Lovely!

  8. Nice job love 15 and 13. On the technical side of things you may want to adjust a few settings on your camera. A few images look just a tad over exposed. The images look great though.

  9. Hi Elyssa!

    WOW, awesome job on your first family photoshoot! The pictures are amazing-so colorful and full of action! My favorites are 4, 11, and 16! :D

    Have a great day!


  10. These are awesome! 6, 16, and 18 are just some of my favorites.

  11. Great job Elyssa! I love 6 and 13 : )

  12. You did amazing, lovely :)

    Were you nervous!? They are all fantastic, but i do have a weak spot for your favourite -- the little baby has the sweetest lovlilest eyes :)

    Have a happy day, and congrats!

    K xx

  13. Great pictures! You did great! :)

  14. Elyssa,

    You did a fantastic job- and family shoots are sometimes not easy to do! I will be calling you soon to set up a time to do OUR family pics!

    Aunty Janell


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