Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter & Snow

This winter we have had LOTS of snow and it has been really cold. You're probably sick of me telling you that but it's true! It's finally warm again so I took advantage of the warm weather. Marissa came over today and I snapped a few shots! Enjoy :)



The snow she is sitting beside is the snow beside our driveway! It's pretty tall haha!






Which is your favourite?


  1. i looove #seven :)

  2. I love seven and eight!!!! :)


  3. wow to have a friend so willing to let you phtograph her. I need people to let me play photographer with. She is a beauty. I love #2 her eyes are so green and pretty.

  4. Those are all wonderful! I could never pick a favorite! :)

  5. AMAZING PICS!!! I don't think I can pic a fav!! :)

  6. Guess she's trying hard to melt the snow with her radiant smile. Have a blessed weekend!

  7. I love numbe 7!!! :) By the way I also love her shirt! Where did she get it? (Totaly serious too!)

  8. She says she thinks she got it from Forever 21 :)


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