Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Funny Faces :)

Here is a quick post with some funny photos from last night. My dog likes to make funny faces :) I'm having a photo shoot with a friend tonight, that I'm super excited about. Hopefully I'll have some of the photos up soon, so watch for those! :)


  1. Looking so Dangerous..........Great eye challenge.........

  2. Hey Elyssa,
    How do you get such a nice font and header with pictures etc. for your blog?
    Is it custom design? Please tell me as soon as possible! Oh, and I really would love you to follow my blog sassyswirls.blogspot.com - please leave a comment!
    Glad that I follow such an awesome blog!=D

    xx Debz

  3. So funny and sweet. Wonderful shots. :)


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