Saturday, May 15, 2010

Caroline's 16th.

First of all, today is such a beautiful day. I hope it's nice where ever you all are!

So yesterday was my friends 16th birthday party. It was really fun and I took lots of pictures. Here are a few!

Caroline, the beautiful birthday girl!

Which is your favourite? I like the last one the best I think.


  1. The last one is stunning! I especially love the balloons. :) Looks like you all had a great time!



  2. I love the last one too! Jumping shots are always awesome!


  3. I like the first one! All of them are beautiful, though!

  4. Beautiful! These really are gorgeous! I don't know if i could pick a favourite!! But i adooore the balloons.

    K xx

  5. Beautiful! I love all of them, but I'd have to say my favorite one is my favorite. :)

  6. ahh these are so cute! i shoot w/ a nikon d60 too :D

  7. These are very well done.
    The 1st photo is my favorite I love the movement of her hair and the expression you captured.
    I think it would almost be stronger by itself, just an opinion.either way its great!!



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