Sunday, May 23, 2010

More Marissa.

Which is your favourite??

(Sorry they are slightly blurred)


  1. I LOVE the second one!!! But I also like the first one.

  2. Lovely, Elyssa! They are all really good, but I think the second one is my favorite. And I love the font on your watermark!


  3. Wow Elyssa,
    I LOVE your blog!!!
    I like the first picture, but they are all great!

  4. Awesome pics! I just looked over your blog and I think you have a talent. I cant wait to see what the future brings for you. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!!

  5. They are all beautiful. I love your natural style.. and I think they look soft rather than blurry, and that's a good thing!
    The second one would have to be my favorite!


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