Saturday, June 26, 2010

More Marissa.

So I know you guys are probably getting sick and tired of seeing so many shots of Marissa but I just seem to have massive amounts of photos of her! So here are a few more...I hope you don't mind!!

Tis the season of watermelon!!

So which one is your favourite?


  1. last one because it was the most fun :)

  2. I love how the green umbrella makes her green eyes pop in the first one! But the other two are great too :)

  3. I agree with Kaylee--her eyes are more vivid because of the umbrella. That one would have to be my favorite :)

    The other two are very creative, though! Especially the watermelon pic ^^

  4. I like the first and last one's but I like all three, probably the 3rd though.

  5. Hi Elyssa! All the pictures are beautiful. :)

    I'm looking for a DSLR, and I think that I'm gonna get the Nikon D5000, but I'm still trying to decide. I was wondering how your D60 is working for you, and if you had the choice, if you would get it again or choose a different camera. Thanks!

  6. Katie,

    I love my D60. I think it is a really good choice for a first DSLR because it's small and easy to use. I haven't really experienced any other cameras so I can't really say if it is the best one out there but I love mine!! I hope this helped a little maybe?!

    Thanks for all the comments on my blog from everyone! You have no idea what they mean to me!!

  7. Hi Elyssa!

    LOVE the pictures!!! I can't pick a favorite-I love them all! Though, I really like her smile in the 3rd one!! :)


  8. I love the one where she is laughing! Great shot!


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