Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick one

Here is a quick post!! I haven't posted forever so here's three photos to tide you over until I have time to do a proper post!! I hope you like them! (none of these are edited)

(this one was shot in manual)

Let me know what to think!!
(PS Today was my last day of school!!! yay!)


  1. Ooh! I really love the first shot! Beautiful!

  2. I've been waiting forever for a post Elyssa!
    I loves this pics. All so beautiful. My Mom says that your a really good photographer! I think so too.
    I really like how accented the colour is in the last photo!
    Keep up the good work Elyssaeth! ;)

  3. Very pretty! My favorite would have to be the last one :)

    {Thanks for commenting on Visually Alex! I followed your blog...would you mind returning the same favor, please}


  4. these are gorgeous! i love the first one :)


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