Thursday, July 22, 2010


So today's pictures aren't photographically great. Here are just a few pictures of the parade my cousin was in! Hope you enjoy!

You can't have a parade without clowns :)

Kevin Martin won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics in curling.

First Nations

My aunty Janell is on the left waving!

My cousin Kassia is in yellow. She was Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

There was a lot if horses!

A bike that had I think 27 people on it all peddling!

Some of our veterans.

Cute puppy!

These little guys were adorable!

Look at the horses tongue!

I thought this was adorable!

First Nations

A military marching band.

My lunch afterwards! Mmm.

Sorry if this bored you! Haha :)


  1. Fun! Your cousin looks darling in the Belle dress. A little girl that I baby sit is obsessed with Belle and I have seen the movie a lot!

    For a parade, those are some really good pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. :-)


  2. Looks like fun! Hope you had a great time! Your cousin is adorable as Belle! Great pictures!

  3. Neat pictures! I like the last shot, of the food! lol :D

  4. Nice shots! The clown in the first pic looks awfully tired, and the horse's tongue is very...unusual; But funny! :D

  5. Definitelly did not bore me! I love it :) Looks like you had so much fun, wish i was there to see it!

    Nice work :)

    K xx

  6. Really love all your recent pictures! The umbrella ones and the vintage ones are amazing!
    and I also enjoyed the parade pictures!!


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