Monday, October 4, 2010

D & K

So I told you I did 3 photo shoots on Saturday. Here are some of my favourites from one of them. They are a beautiful family :)

 First Black and White:

Now for some Vintage:

Having fun with the leaves!

And lastly, Vivid:

 He was watching the geese fly overhead :)

I have SO many more I could put up but I'll restrain :)

So time for my usual question, Which is your favourite?

Oh and which editing style do you like the best?


  1. I love the last picture! I also love all the black and white pictures! But they are all beautiful!

  2. I like all the photos. I like "VIVID"'s so life like.

  3. You did an AMAZING job with these Elyssa! I think my fav is the first one.

  4. I love them all but my favourite is the black and white.

  5. They are all great,but my favourite is probly the last one : )


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