Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Today - Communal Global Contest

I came across this wonderful site that is having a contest about people's today. Here is my entry.

I have some fantastic news... I got my camera back today! I haven't had it in about a month. I am REALLY excited.  I just had to take some pictures today. So I decided to take some of myself. Here is one I like.

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  1. Elyssa this is beautiful! Your eyes are so, so captivating and so spectacular. You also have beautifully flawless skin.

    Love your work, as ALWAYS.

    And sorry about not replying on FaceBook, i was at my grandparents for lunch...but talk soon.

    Have a happy and safe Easter :)

    K xxx

  2. I am SO glad that your camera came back. That would make ANY day a good day. Phew. How did you fare without it? Oh. My! : )

    You have such pretty eyes. Lovely.

  3. I would've been totally lost without my camera. Like how I would feel if I'd forgotten to bring my cell phone or my watch with me when I go out! :)

    I love your self-portrait. Your eyes are beautiful!

  4. That's fantastic that you have your camera back! You have gorgeous eyes!

  5. I can't stop staring at those beautiful eyes! Gorgeous photo :)

  6. Love this shot...great perspective!

  7. Glad you have your camera back. You have such beautiful and soulful eyes.


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