Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My image for today was taken on Sunday while at my cousins' house. I decided I wanted to try to get her to swing and see if I could make her clear but make the background blurred. They have this swing in their basement so we tried it on there. This is how it originally turned out:

This is what it looks like after a few adjustments:

And here it is in black and white:

Please let my know if you like it. Sometimes to me it looks good but then to others it might not seem so great! I really appreciate the comments. :)


  1. Oh wow! This is really good Elyssa.

    Mine just ends up a bunch of blurry mess :( Haha, i think i REEEEALLY need to read my camera manual properly...Did you adjust the ISO and shutter speed of something?

    Lovely work as always :)

    K xx

  2. Great shot! I love the motion of it and you got the face in focus-the most important thing.


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